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Digital Education Records Repository (EDULedger)

EDULedger - powered by DocsLedger is an unique Education Records Repository solution based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), primarily addressing verification of educational information for higher education and pre-employment.

Key benefits of EDULedger
  • Eliminates the risk concerning the authenticity of educational information
  • Enables organization in identifying qualified, required expertise and skilled resources
  • Increases credibility of education institutions academic certificate issuance mechanism
  • Reduces cost and effort in verification of educational information
  • Increases efficiency, brings the trust, transparency and enhanced security
    The platform using Hyperledger's Enterprise blockchain application framework, can be used to secure, share and authenticate education records of a student or prospective employee.
  • Allows educational institutes to secure all academic records of student either by creating new or updating existing document wallet in the platform for them.
  • Students are empowered to seamlessly share and distribute their education records to anybody through the platform for higher education needs and future career growth.
  • Third party verifiers can make use of the platform to verify and authenticate the education records, to identify the required skills and expertise of on-boarding employees for their customers.

Education Institute

The platform enables to secure all critical student records digitally and enhance the credibility of their certificate issuing mechanism.

Allows them to create a repository of all certificates in distributed ledger available 24x7, eliminates tampering of their certificates, increases the visibilty for students and also provide better oppurtunities for them in terms of higher education and employment.


Enables them to share their expertise and skills through qualified certificates from the platform with other education institutes for higher education OR to employers for employment needs.

All education records gets created in one place as a repository with the latest skills helping to get better oppurtunities and connect with reputed education institutes for higher education and also for their employement needs.

Verifier (Education Institute OR Employer)

Connect candidates with required expertise, skills and qualifications easily. Substantially reduces time, effort and cost to screen and validate their qualification and experience.

Verification of candidates certificate for qualifications and experience can be done through the platform which gives the assurance of no tampering. The certicates to be verified can be an education certificate for higher education OR both education and experience if its for employment.

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